To help you choose which vehicle you need, here are the types of vehicles we offer, their internal dimensions, and the maximum weight each can carry.

Motorcycles (London only)
Ideal for envelopes and small boxes 30cm x 30cm x 15cm weighing less than 10kg 

Small Vans 


Length: 1.7mWidth: 1.49mHeight: 1.2m
Payload Up to 450kg



Length: 2.4mWidth: 1.7mHeight: 1.4m or 1.65m with medium roof
Payload Up to 900kg

Long Wheel Base Vans


Length: 3.4mWidth: 1.7mHeight: 1.7m
Payload Up to1200kg

Extra Long Wheel Base Vans 


Length: 4.1mWidth: 1.7mHeight: 1.8m
Payload Up to1500kg

We also have access to more specialised vehicles for the bulkier items or for those that are too wide/heavy to be fork lifted from the back of a vehicle, that instead need loading from the side ie those loads that need curtain siders, or for those instances where a forklift is not available at either the collection or delivery address so needs a tail lift.

Both Luton box/curtainside and 7 1/2 tonners need at least 24 hour notice 

Luton Van Tail lift (Box and Curtain Siders available)


Length: 4mWidth: 2mHeight: 2.2m
Payload Up to1200kg
Tail lift can take up to 500KG

7.5 Ton Lorry (Box & Curtain Siders available)


Length: 6mWidth: 2.4mHeight: 2.4m
Payload Up to 2800kg
Tail lift can take up to 1000KG