“My thanks for the good service provided by Speed last Friday, collecting the aircraft wheel from Bournemouth Airport. The delivery confirmation email (proof of delivery) was very helpful and many thanks for a prompt and courteous service provided” Theresa Wooll

“We had been invited to tender for a Facilities Maintenance Contract in Knightsbridge. The documents were overlooked by us,but we were offered a time extension by the consultants.We had less than two hours to get the documents to Sunbury. Your driver was here within 15 minutes and the document delivered within the time frame. We won the tender, and have you to thank for your timely response” Vance Rowe

“I would like to thank you for your excellent service, your driver truly saved the day. We received a phone call at 11:30am from Surrey Police, asking us if we could re-edit a digital video for them, and have it delivered to them in Guildford by 3:45pm. An officer was to fly to USA later that afternoon for a presentation. You collected the video at 2:30pm, and delivered it at 3:35pm. Surrey Police rang and thanked me for my speedy response. The Officer had time to brief the project team prior to departure, subsequently this presentation has been shown around the United states and various Police Authorities up and down the UK and been nominated for a number of awards. The success is directly related to the ability of Speed Couriers to deliver. For this I am truly thankful, and would like to congratulate your team on delivering a speedy result.” Jeremy Rose

“We recently entrusted documents for delivery before noon the following day with a well known parcel company. As long as the delivery was made the following day our client stood to receive in excess of £150,000. Whilst checking Progress the following morning, imagine our horror when we found that the package was still sitting behind the counter. We gave instructions for them to do nothing and told them that Speed would resolve the matter for us. Within the hour the documents were picked up and delivered. I really appreciate the assistance given by your team and the sensitive way your people dealt with the parties concerned” Robert Cook

“Although we had shipped two packages with same destination a week prior with a reputable international courier service, one package remained in customs. I was receiving different answers from the same international courier service with no solutions to timeliness of delivery. Since this package was already a day late and needed to be in an international sales meeting now, I called Speed Couriers. Within 2 hours, Speed Couriers not only worked with the initial courier service to get released from them and picked up from customs, but also delivered package 65 miles away! In other words, Speed Couriers completed in 2 hours what the other international courier was taking over a week to accomplish and still had no delivery solutions.” Debbie Pressel

“I have to say a massive thanks for helping me out of a sticky situation. As a jewellery designer there are times when rings have to be somewhere pronto! Not only did you ensure the job was done in crazy time, you called the recipient to put their mind at rest. When an independant courier company knows more about the location and movement of parcels than their own customer services do, you are onto a winner. Knowledgable, professional, curteous, reasonable – need I say more.” Andrew Geoghegan

And from a particularly relieved member of the public:

“In common with most people, I normally only write to a company when it is necessary to complain. However I am so impressed by the remarkable service you provided last Friday that I must write to tell you how grateful I am. After battling with a carrier for 10hrs trying to trace a most urgent package, I was at my wits end. You very kindly offered to take over the task at 7:30pm and in 3hrs had traced down the parcel and collected it. This was a service which was above and beyond your allotted task and because of your extraordinary efforts (that no one was paying for) I was able to get the goods which I desperately needed. The English Language does not provide words to adequately express my gratitude to you… all I can say is Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!!” Gillian