Speed Couriers Nationwide Quality Control Policy

The Managing Director and employees of Speed Couriers Nationwide wish to ensure that the company complies with the requirements and needs of its Customers at all times, and to continue to improve its operational effectiveness. This will enable Speed Couriers Nationwide to maintain a structural and consistent approach to business, maximise internal efficiency and maintain the very highest standards of customer service and care.

By considering current and future requirements of the business, customer satisfaction feedback, service performance and management reviews, the Management will specify challenging and measurable quality objectives in all key areas. The collection, transportation and delivery of our customer’s goods will be carried out with due care and attention in respect of the safety and rights of all other road users.

The objectives of Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd will enable it to define and fulfil the courier service requirements and expectations of existing and potential customers. This will enable it to sustain the present and expand the future business through continual improvement.

A sustainable business depends on us aiming to achieve total customer satisfaction in everything we do.