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Speed News 2014

Room 101

In June 2014, after 15 years in Airways House, we decided to re locate to new offices. Although still on the same estate (just 100 yards over the road) we felt it time for a change. Our new offices are more modern, and give us the flexibility we were looking for; together with being more in keeping to the Company we are today. Our thanks must go to the small army of volunteers for making the move so effortless..

Is it raining THAT HARD

We’ve had our fair share of strange requests but on a particularly wet day in August 2014 we were asked to collect a set of keys. When asked for a contact number for the recipient we were told they had no mobile phone with them, but to look out for two disgruntled gentlemen wearing wetsuits. Upon getting to the destination, the courier did indeed spot two gentlemen wearing wetsuits. They had been sailing and had lost the keys to their car. Although it was raining at the time, they did look rather overdressed for the occasion.

Sweet Sixteen

On September the 15th 2014 we celebrate our 16th year of trading, and sixth as a Limited Company.

Thanks must go to all our customers for continuing to support us, and all our staff for continuing to give their 100% commitment to us. Without either we simply wouldn’t be here.

Speed News 2013

Signed sealed and delivered

Feb 2013 sees us agree a two year contract with one of our main Customers to continue to be their courier of choice. A very proud moment and one that is very much appreciated. This allows us to not only pat ourselves on the back, but to look forward to further investment in additional software to improve our customers’ experience. Live tracking is something we currently have in-house, but are now looking to also offer to our customers too.

Agreement in Principle....

Became an agreement in writing In Sept 2013

We have just finalised a bespoke set of terms and conditions for another one of our long term customers, which again shows our flexibility. Nothing is written in stone, being open to new ideas is what we believe separates us from many of our competitors. The fact that we listen has again been rewarded. Communication is the key.

Continued growth

Sept 2013 See’s us celebrate Five years of continual growth since we became a Limited Company in 2008 despite the economic downturn. Thanks must go to all our customers and the many referrals we receive from them.

Latest News

2012 will always be remembered for two great occasions

Firstly the Jubilee, albeit on a rather wet weekend, it still couldn’t dampen our spirits.

Who can forget seeing Prince Philip and co doing a little jig whilst listening to the London Symphony Orchestra and those 100’s of boats in the Flotilla.

Then there was the Olympic and Paralympics

From the Spectacular Opening Olympic Ceremony, to the equally enthralling Finale of the Paralympics, so many individual stories to tell and images that will stay with us forever.

It was a glorious summer and we at Speed played our part.

While others decided not to venture into the Capital, or those that did charged Double their normal rate, we at Speed Couriers carried on regardless at our normal rates.

We weren’t about to take advantage of our customers’ needs, or about to let them down.

We made deliveries into the Olympic Village on behalf of the Canadian, Jamaican, Tunisian and US Olympic Teams as well as deliveries to pre Olympic bases throughout the UK.

We delivered tickets, memorabilia, equipment and even met an athlete outside one of the venues with a pair of his trainers!

All in all, along with thousands of volunteers we played our part in the logistics of the biggest sporting event in the World, and one that will be remembered as one of the best.

2012 was indeed a year to remember, here’s to an equally memorable 2013

Latest News

As 2012 closes, here is some of the weird and wonderful things Speed Couriers have been asked to deliver over the last 12 month

  • Football boots for a photo shoot starring Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal 
  • 2 x Tickets worth over £3000 for the Champions League
  • Final A hand shake buzzer for the Graham Norton show??!!
  • Smurfs for the Jonathan Ross show???!!!
  • Wrist bands for Glastonbury
  • Deliveries for the Bruno Mars concert, Lady Ga Ga concert and many many more
  • Works of Art for Galleries, Auction houses and Museums
  • Exhibition material for Earls Court, Olympia, Excel Centre, The NEC, Gmex as well as many other venues throughout the UK
  • Deliveries for ITV, Channel 4, The BBC as well as various Film locations Bespoke jewellery, wedding dresses and cakes
  • Medical equipment and supplies for urgent Operations at Hospitals throughout the UK
  • Tender documents, classified files for courts, councils and other Organisations
  • Car Parts for all the major Motor Racing teams in the UK and beyond
  • Horse semen
  • Hedgehogs!!
  • Pallets for Rolls Royce, and JCB
  • Luggage Repatriation Deliveries for Telecommunication Engineers for Nokia, BT and Orange
  • Dry Ice shipments, Haz chem shipments, shipments for the Oil Industry
  • Deliveries of Aircraft parts including wheels, seats, and toilets!!!
As you can see, we are trusted with the most fragile, most valuable items, as well as the more obscure. 

If it can be moved, Speed Couriers will move it! 

We look forward to seeing what else you have in store for us in 2013.